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Welcome   To   My   Photo   Page


Follow These Links To See More ... :)

Jaxsters!~: More Pics .... :)
Jacki's Place: My Original Web Page !~ Check it Out :)
The Misfits of DALnet: DALnet Channel
#25+Fishbowl: Dive On In ... :)
Welcome to ComedyCentral: Alot of Laughs ... Always!~
DALnet #Friends: Meet People World Wide !
#Amman on DALnet: A Wonderful Place To Be ... :)
Useful Arabic!~: Arabic Phrases ... My Own Collection!
Websters Dictionary: Websters Dictionary On Line
Angel Winks Postcards: Angel Winks Postcards
Cyber Greetings: For the Romantic
Blue Mountain Arts: For All Occassions
The Rainbow Page: Fun stuff for use with mIRC
#DALnetHelp: A really helpful page for anyone with questions...

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